LAT members bring information back  from the Government Relations Division to their local associations, where members take action. This information reflects the educational, economic, or political issues that we must continue to pushback when it affects public education, our students, their communities and our profession. 


Negotiations is a bargaining process between two or more parties trying to discover a common ground and reach an agreement to settle a contract. September 2019 begins the last year of our contract. Please watch for building based meetings with your Association Representatives monthly to keep you posted on important information. There will be workshops in October, so keep an eye your email. 

Health & Safety

Your members have a legal right to safe and healthful working conditions. Your employer, the Board of Education, is responsible for ensuring that school employees and students are not exposed to hazardous conditions. Please keep informed of what is going on in your school. If you notice something, please let your Association Representative know as soon as possible, so we can get an investigation started.


Grievance is a process used when there is a violation of the contract and the issue is not resolved. Please keep a log of the information with dates and time, take pictures, print email, make photocopies etc. 


Please contact Heather Polk, Membership Chairperson for an application for the Clifton Teachers' Association. Your NJEA membership card is your ticket to discounts on merchandise, insurance, entertainment, travel, and personal legal services. IF YOU ARE NOT A MEMBER AND HAVE AN ISSUE AT SCHOOL, YOU DO NOT GET A LAWYER.  Learn more

Professional Development

The extraordinary job of the teacher has become exceedingly complex, requiring a wide array of knowledge and skills. That’s why the professional learning of educators requires thoughtful organization and resources, and must be focused on the advancement of student learning. The CTA will be providing great workshops, as well as the Passaic County Education Association, New Jersey Education Associaton and the National Education Association. Please take advantage of the great collaboration and networking that workshops provide. All of the PD is listed in the calendar, so please check it out!!!